1. Perfect bliss.
  2. (in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) extreme happiness and joy, one of the highest states of being
  3. Buddha’s disciple, Ananda, was highly regarded for his conduct and service to others, and called upon time to time to deliver some of the teachings in place of Buddha, as he had memorized many of his lessons



  1. Vibration, atmosphere, sensation, energy
  2. Warm and fuzzy
  3. Feels

Yoga Retreats, Re-Designed.

Ananda Vibes Yoga Retreats are lovingly curated experiences hand crafted for your ultimate happiness and bliss. We choose paradise locations around the world to offer you the best experience, connection, and growth through Yoga, Meditation, Epic Adventures, and Conscious Connections.

The Sanskrit word “Ananda” refers to bliss, which is different from temporary joy or happiness. Rather, it comes from your enjoyment in the small and bigger sense pleasures in life – eating, listening to music, soaking in scenery, precious moments and laughter with friends, seeing and surrounding yourself with beauty all around.

Our Experience

We believe through connecting with each other as well as the sights, sounds, and space, we can surrender to the magic all around us to become truly inspired and powered by our light within.

Expect to arrive, kick off your shoes (maybe for the rest of the yoga retreat!) and melt into inspiring accommodations. We guarantee stunning scenery, beautiful homes, plenty of laughter and epic fun times with the Ananda Vibes fam. Leave with your soul rejuvenated, a feeling in your heart of inner bliss, and complete ownership that this is your life. Only you can make it count.

Honor your beauty. Love with wild abandon. Live to redefine your own ananda.

Our Activities

All yoga classes are conducted outdoors, held by supportive energy in inspiring spaces. Yoga for beginners to advanced – no one is left out and everyone will receive challenges with opportunity to grow. All classes are adjusted to the group, moving with the ebbs and flows of the retreat journey.

We love to travel and the best part is always experiencing the best of what the paradise has to offer! Expect any of these things to be paired with yoga to get in tune with our surroundings: meditation, healthy food prepared with love, adventures such as snorkeling with turtles and sharks, SUP Yoga, surfing, going on a safari, hiking volcanoes, exploring islands, getting outside your comfort zone, giving back, cacao ceremonies, astrology drops, conscious dance parties, connection to nature, compassionate self-reflection, contemplation on your personal mission, sharing circles, and Karma Yoga community activities, and often, some fun surprises!

Stay Tuned!

During our retreats, it never seems too difficult to leave the monkey mind behind to embrace the music and our collective energy. We become enveloped by nature as we surrender our guards and are taken someplace magical.

That’s where we flow into deeper expressions of relaxation, freedom, expansiveness, and love. Together, we each become a driver and observer of our mind and body as we feed the love and light within, to shine brighter than we have ever before.

Exciting things coming ahead! 7 upcoming yoga retreats across 6 countries in 2019 and fun, sustainable merchandise with our Karma Yoga partner in Bali, Yasminida.com. Sneak peek in this photo!

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Your Retreat Leaders

Cynthia Wong (@cynthiatravels @cynthia_activeyogi)

A Yogi on a Mission

Cynthia is on a mission to empower people to become who they truly are. She sees yoga, traveling, and yoga adventure retreats as transformative tools to re-connect to ourselves and step into the person we’ve always known we can be. Her passion is creating experimental events and journeys through senses, breath, movement, environment, music while building conscious strong communities.

Cynthia’s received 4 yoga certifications in Bali – 200hr Vinyasa Yoga and 20hr Standup Paddleboard Yoga in 2015, 85hr Pre/Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga in 2017, and 200hr Shamanic Yoga & Restorative Yoga in 2018. She believes nothing compares to being in nature, and over the years has taught some 150 classes, outdoors across 12 cities and islands.

While born and raised in Chicago and traveling 70 countries across 7 continents, Cynthia (also @cynthiatravels) began crafting yoga retreats in the way she likes to travel – through adventure, community, discovering new limits, and giving back. She’s driven by a desire to discover what magic happens when we live with wild abandon, give without expectation, and love without fear.

Read more at www.Cynthia.Yoga, view her yoga updates, or follow her adventures on Instagram!

Mate Valtr (@wonderingmate)

The Wondering Creative

Mate (pronounced maté like the Argentinian tea!) is a freelance branding consultant with a wide range of experience in video production, photography and digital marketing. Originally from Czech Republic, he is currently based all over the world. He’s obsessed with nature and the people he meets everyday in the streets, and how new technologies shape our world today and the way we live.

After photographing several of Cynthia’s yoga events in Malaysia, he started joining yoga classes and her retreats in Bali before joining forces to start Ananda Vibes Yoga Adventure Retreats. Mate’s role in the retreats include branding, organization, and content, as well as sharing his professional talents in photographing, videography, and droning to capture the pure magic in the moments. In the Maldives, he will be conducting workshops on photo/videography. 

Follow his adventures on Instagram and view his portfolio and inquire for bookings at www.matevaltr.com.