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Our 2018 Perhentian Island retreat attendee recently surprised us with a lovely review!

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What People Say About Us

"I’ve never done yoga. Ever. Ananda Vibes lives up to its name and mission, introducing an incredibly liberating way of life that guarantees to elevate you from your usual nine-to-five routine. From the moment I arrived in paradise, to sleeping under the stars on the final night there, this retreat was a profound experience that I will not forget in a hurry."

Justin Lau

Consultant & Adventurer, Hong Kong

"I recently joined the yoga retreat to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia and it was simply amazing! Cynthia is a wonderful host as she is extremely patient and accommodating, and her relaxed vibe and positivity is infectious. I'm very much a beginner yogi and was a touch anxious going into my first yoga retreat. As it turns out, there was no need to be as both Cynthia and Yoshi were always attentive and provided alternative poses to suit all abilities within the group. The yoga itself was varied (think handstands, headstands, flexibility, meditation and even acroyoga!) and open to the needs of the group.

On top of the great yoga sessions we also had a variety of exciting excursions which allowed us to see more of the island. Each day was an adventure! We visited lots of different beaches, swim with sharks & turtles, learned how to poi, experience the nightlife and local food. The entire retreat was also captured by Mate, who's pictures/videos/drone shots will allow you to relive all the good vibes 

Thank you so much Cynthia and Mate of Ananda Vibes. Can't wait to join you both for another retreat soon!"

Rachel Chew

Restaurant Manager & Fitness Blogger at, Malaysia/UK

"I was lucky to join 3 of Cynthia’s yoga retreats in 2017 and 2018! The one at Perhentian islands in Malaysia was an incredible first intro to Acroyoga at gorgeous beaches. One of things that makes Cynthia’s retreats special is trying new things – acroyoga, snorkeling with turtles and sharks, climbing a volcano at sunrise on Christmas Day, giving back to the volcano refugee camp, SUP yoga, or serious self reflection, and connecting with new friends. Many of us still get drinks together in Kuala Lumpur! I practice yoga frequently and I absolutely loved Cynthia’s yoga classes. They’re always dynamic and uplifting, leaving me refreshed, relaxed and very peaceful after. She’s an amazing host, planning plenty of sightseeing and group activities, yet so open to suggestions and adjusting plans or yoga styles based on how we feel and what we need. I recommend her retreats to anyone looking for an exciting holiday, to recharge and chance to make new friends while having so much fun doing so!”

Amy Cunningham

Teacher, masseuse, & avid yogi, Australia

Going on one of Cynthia’s retreats was the highlight of 2017 for me and that is saying something with all the places I got to travel to! My biggest concern with retreats has always been, 'will I get along with the people I will see all day/everyday?!' This will never be a concern of mine if I continue to book with Cynthia. She attracts the most amazing people to her because of her easy going personality and positive vibes and because of that, her retreats will always be filled with people who are open to trying new things, visiting new places and meeting new people. She is also an amazing yoga instructor who gives clear and easy to follow instructions for beginner yogis but can also challenge the more advanced people. I walked away from the Perhentian Island retreat with a lot of new friends in the world that I still am in contact with 9 months later, feeling refreshed and having seen some of the most gorgeous parts of this planet that I would have never found without her. I can’t wait to see where a future retreat will take me!

Brandi Bratek

Master Resilience Trainer & Performance Expert , USA/Germany

Thanks to Facebook I accidentally stumbled upon Cynthia Wong being a Yoga instructor in Malaysia. I spend six weeks in Malaysia last year and went to one of her Yoga in the Park classes. It immediately struck me that she is a very special person and when she told me that she will have a Yoga Retreat in the Perhentians later that month I knew my wife and I had to be a part of it. And joining that retreat was one of our best decisions last year. Not only was Cynthia a fantastic teacher (even for a relative newbie like me) but her personality and care for other people made this one of the best holiday experiences we ever had. The yoga lessons were fantastic and the other activities were just an absolute blast with an incredible group of people who became friends for life. Cynthia did a great job making everybody feel welcome in the group and connecting all personalities. I am excited that Ananda and Cynthia are partnering up to offer Yoga experiences all over the world and hopefully we can soon find one again that we can join. I would give this 10 stars if i could. Thanks again 🙂

Wojtek Bratek

Health & Fitness Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Germany

I was in Bali last Christmas at the most awesome yoga retreat with the most incredible humans. If you ever get the chance to go on a retreat with this Wonder Woman - Cynthia - jump at the chance.. my life has changed in so many ways since this experience... 💜

Lisa Walker

Teacher & human rights advocate, United Kingdom

"The retreat was a very intimate and soulful experience, full of activities that engage one soulfully. The necessary conditions were present for one to get in the mood for fun-filled self discovery and mindfulness."

Sahil Arora

Serial entrepreneur & daily yoga practitioner, India

"I took part in Cynthia's yoga retreat in Bali and I couldn't have been happier with my experience and the ambience of the retreat. Our villa was amazing and I felt like being spoilt but also homely from the very beginning. Besides the villa and all the yoga, I also loved all the other activities Cynthia planned, such as getting purified in holy water at a Water Temple, energy healing and climbing a volcano at 4am for sunrise. There was never a dull moment - and if you felt too tired, taking a nap instead of taking part in anything was always allowed!"

Bettina Hernberg

Health foods entrepreneur & yoga teacher, Finland

"Cynthia’s Bali retreat was exactly what the doctor ordered! The villa we were housed in was an oasis set in the paradise that is Bali. Cynthia was generously accommodating in ensuring we had enough time and activities to explore Bali, while still getting our yoga fix in. While scaling volcanos and dipping in hot springs, a sense of genuine community was formed between all the yogis as well. It was wonderful being surrounded by such a diverse but welcoming group of beautiful individuals. This retreat was one that rejuvenated and nourished my body, mind, and spirit - leaving me inspired and excited for all there is to come!"

Jessica Ong

Consultant, Zumba & yoga teacher, rhythmic cycle teacher/trainer, Malaysia