Our greatest adventure is to be alive.

We believe the dreams that make us smile… are the lives we’re meant to live.

These are the stories we are here to tell.

Stories that inspire others and empower ourselves each time we relive it.

While we are young, carefree, and wild, we live for our dreams. And when we are older and less able, we can always relive these dreams anytime, as they became the story of our lives. 

If you could create anything you dreamed up, how much fun could you have?

Defining a Mission

At Burning Man 2016, Ananda Vibes’ founder Cynthia Wong biked into an art installation one night with her friends, stared at a gigantic question, and walked out having unknowingly written her personal mission statement.

That experience has been woven into the past few retreats as a personal-mission development visualization and meditation, each in its unique way.

What was and is still her current mission?

To create 1 million inspired moments to empower people to become inspired and empowered by their own light within.

Connecting the Dots

Cynthia has traveled her whole life, first with family and for the past 12 years through programs, internships, work, digital nomading, or just creating her own adventures. To date, she’s lived in 7 countries outside of USA – Morocco, India, Brazil, Austria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, & Bali, Indonesia – and has further traveled to 70 countries and 7 continents by the age of 30.

By then she had already organized group trips for friends, co-led 4 student trips with business students from US to Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and organized over 100 events in Kuala Lumpur for different communities. Retreats only seemed like the next logical adventure – to bring everything together, share her lifestyle while growing and having fun – all rolled into one!

In 2017, one of her new year goals included organizing one yoga retreat. In August 2017, it took shape in the form of an AcroYoga & Adventure Retreat at her favorite place in Malaysia – the paradise Perhentian Islands. While her phone was stolen among other logistical hiccups, she knew she discovered a new passion – the family and fun that came together what was it was all for. The opportunity to bring individual friends and strangers together while crafting a journey… was a dream come true!

Extended Family

One aspect that makes Ananda Vibes special is the community artists brought into each experience.

Each yoga retreat includes special guests and co-hosts – yoga teachers, healers, vegan chefs, firedancers, silent conscious dance instructors, cacao circle leaders, karma yoga community partners, and so many more beautiful healers.

These partners were carefully selected to facilitate powerful and complementary sessions for the group. We’ll create a page sometime just for these individuals, social enterprises/projects, and our inspiring accommodations!

Karma Yoga

All actions have a cause and effect. Good intentions and genuine kindness only fuels more within us and in the world. This is essentially karma.

Volunteering has been a big part of Ananda Vibes’ founder Cynthia Wong’s life for nearly 2 decades. As she began traveling more and more, she found she had to leave behind foundations she created for various projects and communities.

So it only made sense that as she wove in this part of her with the yoga retreats. She’s pleased to have been able to integrate into retreats some similar communities and travel loves – wildlife, social enterprises, girl bosses, refugee community, and more to come. If you have any connections – please send them our way! We love to hear what awesome and compassionate creations are happening out there and how we can collaborate.

Joining Forces

The second yoga adventure retreat was held in Bali over Christmas in December 2017, and joined by Matej Valtr, a friend and former colleague in Malaysia. He had similarly been a remote freelancer and digital nomad.

During his days nomading and living in different places and spaces like Bali, he craved those family-like community connections. Also a frequent visitor of Bali, he attended the retreat, and discovered the fun, family and blissful vibes that accompany all our retreats. He joined to help not only with photography, video, and drone shots. Since then he’s also been behind branding and creating the family vibes and inspiring settings. Get a feel for these vibes yourself by watching our 2017 Christmas Yoga Retreat in Bali Aftermovie below, filmed and edited by the talented Mate Valtr!

View his photos from prior retreats here and read more about us. To stay informed of the latest retreats, follow us on Facebook, on Instagram, or by signing up to our emails below!