Your world is a reflection of you.

Travel (re)ignites curiosity in our world, humanity, and within ourselves.

Travel brings truth. And truth brings change.

In the moments we dare to adventure outside our comfort zones, we discover just how boundless we are, internalizing the true power we have over our own lives.

Letting go of control is empowering.

To be a kid again, to remember who we wanted to be and who we always were.

Because at the end of the day, the most inspiring person we know has to be our own self.

That knowing transforms us and propels us to live the best and highest version of ourselves.

The best part is knowing that it’s only the beginning of a beautiful journey.

And just imagine how much fun all this could be with an incredible group of people from all walks of life!

To meditate, move, laugh, play, dare to try new things, be vulnerable, open up to share fears and desires, to travel in a way you have never have before.

To let yourself be nourished with delicious, lovingly prepared healthy food. To interact with exactly where you are. Meet the local community, enjoy giving back, coexist with nature and wildlife.

All this while cozily settled into our sacred space and beautiful home. Each of our retreat homes have been very carefully scouted in person by Cynthia and selected for its soul and hosts.

Co-living is one aspect that makes our retreats special. How precious it is to have a home that’s all ours for us to live as family.

Our retreats are all of this and so much more.

If the whole is always the sum of its parts, just imagine the transformation you could receive.

We want to share our lifestyle and family from our travels across the world with you.

No matter where our retreats are, you’ll get to know people who live there. Because their craft is meant to be shared, their stories are meant to be heard.

We believe the dreams that tug at our heartstrings are the lives we’re meant to live.

Only time will reveal how these stories will move and shake the world. It all starts with the courage to get outside our comfort zone and try something new!

We have to live the fullest and most authentic expression of ourselves.

We must have faith and confidence. Dare to be brave. Then trust and have fun on the journey that follows.

This is what we aim to have our attendees take away. See for yourself if they have through our reviews, and go here to read more about how it all began.

We hope you consider joining an upcoming yoga retreat to adventure this beautiful planet with us soon!

Check out past retreat reels to get a feel for our vibes!

Bali Seaside Yoga Retreat, April 2018

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Perhentian Islands, Malaysia Yoga Retreat

May 2018

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia Yoga Retreat

June 2018